Copy vs. Content: What’s the difference?

Content means blog posts, most web writing, briefs, tip sheets, white papers and the like.


Copy means emails, sales pages and direct response projects. I'm well-versed and equally at home in either discipline.         

How can I help you?

Rob Wagner

3 questions marketers need answered before hiring a copywriter.

1. Who are you?

I’m Rob Wagner, a professional copywriter, content creator and seasoned marketing strategist.

2. Do you know how to write?

I have an English degree with an emphasis in creative writing and have been a copywriter, branding specialist and marketing advisor for more than 20 years.

3. Can you help me?

Over the years, I’ve worked on thousands of projects for hundreds of clients in dozens of industries in all sorts of media. There’s a pretty good chance I have experience in your line of work.


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ow a novel project created a lifelong pursuit.


When Rob Wagner hitched a ride from Laguna Beach, California to Ft. Worth Texas, he wasn’t thinking about a career as a copywriter and marketing strategist. He was dreaming about ice cold beer and spicy hot chili and all the adventures he imagined happening when you move halfway across a continent.


But before we touch on a few of those adventures, let’s rewind several years to Rob Wagner’s college days.

One of Rob’s friends was a talented writer named Kent. Kent thought it’d be fun to co-author a novel. Rob and Kent started writing during their junior year but never quite got to The End.


After college and grad school, Kent relocated to Texas. Out of the blue he called and asked Rob to move to Texas so they could finish writing their book. Kent also suggested Rob could turn his English/Creative Writing degree into a day job as an advertising copywriter.

A few years later, when Rob returned home to California, four interesting things had happened:

  1. The beer, chili and pretty girls (see #4, below) did not disappoint.

  2. The novel got finished, but remained unpublished.

  3. Rob wound up in advertising, eventually working his way into the largest agency in Dallas, where he worked on print and broadcast work for several national accounts, including American Airlines.

  4. Rob met and married a lovely, talented and beautiful lady named Jan — a real, live farmer’s daughter from Oklahoma.


Back in California — after working for a couple of advertising agencies in Orange County — Rob went freelance. Over the next decade or so, he worked on hundreds of projects for dozens of clients in all kinds of industries. From direct mail to billboards, print ads to broadcast projects and corporate sales films.


But the next chapter was unexpected. Rob’s dad, who was of retirement age, announced to the  family that he and his wife, the owners of a small manufacturing company, had decided to keep working. In the same breath he asked Rob if he’d be interested in joining the company as marketing and sales director. Rob accepted the offer and spent several years learning all about making lighting fixtures, and worked with the company’s network of manufacturers reps across North America. It was an eye-opening education about the risks and rewards of small business ownership. The family also learned that even a very solid company with a 37 year track record of success could succumb to the great recession.


After closing the company’s doors, Mr. Wagner reentered the copywriting field with new-found wisdom and fresh enthusiasm. He brings some three decades of experience in marketing, advertising and business ownership to his work as a copywriter, content creator and digital marketing strategist — with a special blend of branding-meets-results-getting-direct-response-marketing.


When he’s not writing killer copy, Rob loves hanging out with his wife, Jan, walking on the beach, listening to his favorite music, hiking the coastal hill trails near his house, visiting their daughter in LA, cooking in general and grilling over charcoal in particular.  Rob claims no day is complete without taking time to appreciate the good things in life -- and enjoying a good laugh.

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“Rob is that rare combination of strategic insight and creative excellence. His decades of experience empower him to quickly identify and answer the three key questions of your given advertising/ marketing project: 'What are the unique selling points of your product or service?,' 'Who are we talking to?' and 'How do we best persuade that intended audience to take action?' 

Rob then conceptualizes strategic, effective, creative solutions that help build your brand as they generate awareness, interest and response. (And he’s got the awards to prove it.) Finally, Rob’s engaging personality and nimble sense of humor help make the entire experience as enjoyable as it is enlightening.”

~Mike Smith

Creative Director/Executive Producer

Beard Boy Productions


“Rob Wagner brings a wealth of experience, wisdom and insight to any copywriting/content writing assignment.  He gains a quick understanding of the nature of the message to be conveyed, then crafts clear, concise copy that conveys that message to the desired audience.  Rob is versatile, is comfortable with any subject matter, and can effortlessly dial in any flavor from seriously scientific to whimsical.  I’d recommend Rob for any writing requirement.”

~Rick Rickards

VP Marketing & CMO

Housecheck, Inc.



“Rob Wagner is one of those creative types who can take your strategy, amp it up, and then give you more than you ever expected in the form of great copywriting. On top of that, he is one of the nicest, most laid-back, yet user-responsive people you would ever hope to meet in a career. He has been all of this for us, and we value the relationship, and the work, greatly.”

~Judy McLane


i/m marketing healthcare


(c) Rob Wagner Copywriting & Content Creation 2018


Rob Wagner

Copywriting & Content Creation


Here are a few samples of my work.


Project: Blogs for Marketing Tango website

Client: Franchise Services, Inc.

Project: Website content for Alzheimer’s Family Center

Agency: Pencilbox Studios



Project: Website content for healthcare branding agency,

Accelerate Branding



Project: Branding ad for Sutter Health Plus

Agency: i-m marketing


PDF, “Qualifordability”


Project: Chadwick School Open House Ad

Agency: Pencilbox Studios


PDF, Chadwick



Project: Blogs for Home Care Assistance Website

Project: Video Sales Letter for New Tech for Old Guys

PDF, New Tech for Old Guys

Project: Web Video for West Coast University

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(c) Rob Wagner Copywriting & Content Creation 2018


If You…

-Don’t have the time or in-house resources to give content creation or copywriting the attention it deserves…

-Are worried about losing sales and clients to competitors….

-And are ready to do something about  it…

Then it’s time to talk!

Email or describe your project or challenge below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Rob Wagner Copywriting &

Content Creation

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