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What's your problem?

Today’s marketer faces challenges unique to our digitally-driven era. You have mere seconds to grab attention before a prospect clicks or scrolls away. Assuming they stick around, you must rapidly make your point. As attention spans (and tolerance for B.S.) shrink, the best way to grow your audience is to get real. Because marketing or promotions that lean on hyperbolic messaging, lame attempts at humor, and false sincerity are destined to die a quick death.


Here's a proven solution:

I’m Rob Wagner, and I’m a creative strategist, copywriter and content producer. Whatever your marketing problem is, chances are excellent that I’ve seen it — and successful written about it — before. I create fresh, relevant work so my clients can do what they do best: Take care of business. Clients confidently call on me whenever they need:


Branding (Corporate and Personal)

Strategic Message Platforms

Web Content

Landing Pages

TV Scripts

Web Videos

Video Sales Letters

Cold Email

Call-to-Action Email

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How a novel project created a lifelong pursuit.


When Rob Wagner hitched a ride from Laguna Beach, California to Ft. Worth, Texas, he didn’t envision a career as a copywriter and creative strategist. He was dreaming about ice cold beer and spicy hot chili and all the adventures that await when you move halfway across a continent.


The truth is, Rob didn’t relocate to the Lone Star State to write ads. He traveled there to work with a former college roommate to complete an unfinished novel.  Rob’s friend also suggested that Rob could turn his Creative Writing degree into a day job as an advertising copywriter.


Over the course of a year, Rob worked his way into the largest ad agency in Dallas, where he crafted print and broadcast work for several national accounts, including American Airlines.


Several years later, Rob returned to Orange County. Over the next 15 years or so, he worked on thousands of projects for hundreds of clients in healthcare, foodservice, technology, and retail. From direct mail to billboards, print ads to broadcast projects and corporate sales films.


The next chapter was unexpected. Rob’s parents ran a manufacturing company, and asked Rob if he’d join the firm as marketing and sales director.  Rob dove in, learned all about making lighting fixtures, and worked with the company’s network of manufacturers rep across North America. It was an eye-opening education about the risks and rewards of small business ownership. The company supported the family and dozens of employees for nearly 40 years, before closing its doors when the owners retired following the Great Recession.


Mr. Wagner reentered the copywriting field with new-found wisdom and fresh enthusiasm. He brings some three decades of experience in marketing, advertising and business ownership to his work as a copywriter, content creator and creative strategist — with a special blend of branding-meets-results-getting-direct-response-marketing.


When he’s not writing killer copy, Rob loves walking on the beach, listening to his favorite music, hiking the coastal hill trails near his house, hanging out with his wife, Jan, and visiting their daughter, son-in-law and grandson in LA. Rob loves to say that a day isn’t complete without taking time to appreciate the good things in life -- and enjoying a good laugh.


(c) Rob Wagner Copywriting & Content Creation 2023


Rob Wagner

Copywriting & Content Creation


Here are a few samples of my work.

Project: Content for TruNorth, a senior living management company

Agency: Senior Living SMART

Project: e-book promoting Kaiser Permanente's wellness program for military families

Agency: o3 Marketing


PDF, KP-Tricare E-book


Project: Website content for healthcare branding agency,

Accelerate Branding


Project: Branding ad for Sutter Health Plus

Agency: i-m marketing


PDF, “Qualifordability”

Project: Blog for Coterie, an upscale senior living community

Project: Video Sales Letter for New Tech for Old Guys

PDF, New Tech for Old Guys

Project: Web Video for West Coast University

Learn more

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Three questions marketers need answered before hiring a copywriter.

1. Who are you?

I’m Rob Wagner, a professional copywriter, content creator and seasoned marketing strategist.


2. Do you know how to write?

I have an English degree with an emphasis in creative writing and have been a copywriter, branding specialist and marketing advisor for more than 20 years.


3. Can you help me?

Over the years, I’ve worked on thousands of projects for hundreds of clients in dozens of industries in all sorts of media. There’s a pretty good chance I have experience in your line of work.

Rob Wagner

(c) Rob Wagner Copywriting & Content Creation 2018

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Praise from some very happy clients


“Rob Wagner is a skilled content writer that I’ve relied on for several years for senior living marketing projects. He has brought excellent organizational, planning, and writing skills to each project he has worked on. I appreciate that he is responsive, on time, and on budget. He’s also personable, which is a big plus when working with our agency’s team and our clients.”

~ Jim Podewitz
Director of Content Strategy
Senior Living SMART

“Rob Wagner has been a critical asset to our team for decades. His writing style is on point, his understanding of strategy is impeccable and his creativity is off the charts. Rob is not only a fantastic copywriter, but a critical thinker who understands the market, finds the USP, and delivers it in a clear, concise and effective way.

We would be lost without Rob as a valuable member of our team.”

Angela Arthur
O3marketing, Inc.

“Rob is that rare combination of strategic insight and creative excellence. His decades of experience empower him to quickly identify and answer the three key questions of your given advertising/ marketing project: 'What are the unique selling points of your product or service?,' 'Who are we talking to?' and 'How do we best persuade that intended audience to take action?' 

Rob then conceptualizes strategic, effective, creative solutions that help build your brand as they generate awareness, interest and response. (And he’s got the awards to prove it.) Finally, Rob’s engaging personality and nimble sense of humor help make the entire experience as enjoyable as it is enlightening.”


~Mike Smith

Creative Director/Executive Producer 

Beard Boy Productions


“Rob Wagner brings a wealth of experience, wisdom and insight to any copywriting/content writing assignment.  He gains a quick understanding of the nature of the message to be conveyed, then crafts clear, concise copy that conveys that message to the desired audience.  Rob is versatile, is comfortable with any subject matter, and can effortlessly dial in any flavor from seriously scientific to whimsical.  I’d recommend Rob for any writing requirement.”

~Rick Rickards

Co-Owner/Marketing Director

Easy Home Inspector Marketing


“Rob Wagner is one of those creative types who can take your strategy, amp it up, and then give you more than you ever expected in the form of great copywriting. On top of that, he is one of the nicest, most laid-back, yet user-responsive people you would ever hope to meet in a career. He has been all of this for us, and we value the relationship, and the work, greatly.”

~Judy McLane


i/m marketing healthcare


About Rob

Rob Wagner Copywriting &
Content Creation


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